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Spring Arbor Cottage Program for Alzheimer's and Related Dementia

Cottage Cornerstones of Care:

Person Centered Not Task Focused
Validation Therapy
Walking in Their Shoes
Engaging the Creative Spirit

Cornerstone of Care: Walking in Their Shoes

Virtual Sensitivity Experience.

In order to better understand what our Alzheimer's and related dementia residents experience in trying to overcome the challenges of everyday tasks, all of our dementia care "Cottage Care" associates go through this specialized training. By participating in this program, our memory caregivers have various senses artificially impaired and then try to accomplish simple daily activities. The result is an understanding, on a deep and meaningful level, of the difficulty many assisted living memory care residents experience every day.

Memory caregivers wear special eye-wear to simulate impaired vision, have obstructions in their ability to touch, feel and manipulate objects with their hands, and have their hearing obscured to simulate the many barriers that memory care residents face every day.

The insights gained from this training equip our caregivers to care for our residents with all of the dignity and respect they deserve. This also allows caregivers to understand better ways to communicate with our residents suffering from Alzheimer's and related dementia to assist with the activities of daily living.

By walking a mile in our residents’ shoes, the caregivers of Spring Arbor have a dedication and commitment to quality care that is unequaled.

Understanding quality and the quality of understanding – The Spring Arbor difference.

We designed our Cottage Care program around the belief that everyone has the right and the capacity to live and love while discovering enjoyment in each day – regardless of abilities that have been lost to dementia.


The result is a wonderful blend of security and comfort. For example, although all Cottages are keypad secured, the floor plan is flowing and open with only the entrance restricted to access. This allows our residents freedom of choice and movement while maintaining the need for a secure environment.

Likewise, despite the smaller number of residents, staffing ratios are higher to allow for the additional time and attention needed. Team members who fulfill this important role receive additional training on how to support residents with dementia and the common tendencies that occur. The result is a team well prepared to meet a variety of needs and uniquely qualified to ensure Cottage living is more about celebrating what we can do rather than grieving over what we can't.

It has been said that often times it is the loved ones who suffer more than the actual victim of Alzheimer's or a related dementia. At Spring Arbor, we truly believe that the families and friends of the some 4 million victims of this disease are our nation's quiet heroes. Regardless of your choice regarding the care of your loved one, we encourage you to seek out support as you take this journey and allow us to join you along the way.