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Assisted Living Care in Richmond VA: Virtual Training

In order to better understand what our residents experience in trying to overcome the challenges of everyday tasks, our assisted living care givers go through this specialized assisted living training. By participating in this program, our assisted living caregivers have various senses artificially impaired and then try to accomplish simple daily activities. The result is an understanding, on a deep and meaningful level, of the difficulty many residents experience every day.

How does it work?

Our assisted living caregivers wear special eyewear to simulate impaired vision, have obstructions in their ability to touch, feel and manipulate objects with their hands, and have their hearing obscured to simulate the many barriers residents face every day.

The insights gained from this training equip our assisted living caregivers to care for our residents with all of the dignity and respect they deserve. This also allows caregivers to understand better ways to communicate with residents and to assist with the activities of daily living.

By walking a mile in our residents’ shoes, the assisted living caregivers of Spring Arbor have a dedication and commitment to quality care that is unequaled. Understanding quality and the quality of understanding – The Spring Arbor difference.

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