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Art from the Heart

HHHunt Senior Living has introduced this logo for Spring Arbor’s Art from the Heart programs. You may have recently noticed the addition of the logo to our wall galleries of art in both the Assisted Living and Cottage areas of the community.

Art from the Heart

Art stimulates the brain. It can be a useful way to reduce stress and anxiety, to help get in touch with feelings, to learn something new or to explore a new means of creativity, or simply to feel better about oneself. Art provides exercise for the brain and can help maintain or strengthen existing cognitive function. Engagement in art may also assist in creating new communication pathways for those with impaired verbal skills. Art encourages conversation and is often just plain old fun!!

Alz Art

Our Art from the Heart program is accessible to all residents. Some residents enjoy creating art from their own imagination, while others prefer a visual prop to help stimulate their creativity. Some residents are able to work independently, others benefit from cueing and prompting from a partner-artist. Painting has proven the most popular approach to art in Spring Arbor, but some communities are also exploring art using chalks, pencils and/or clay. Some residents prefer not to create art themselves, but instead enjoy viewing and discussing works of art created by other professional or amateur artists. Each community’s Art from the Heart program is directed by the interests and preferences of our residents.

We invite you to participate in Art from the Heart in our Spring Arbor community. You can actively paint or create right along with our resident artists, you can teach a class, or you can simply engage as a coach or helper! Please consider joining us!!

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