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Spring Arbor of Kinston

3207 Carey Road, Kinston, NC 28504
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More Information About Spring Arbor of Kinston

  • July 1st - 2pm : National Hershey’s kiss social
  • July 3rd - 2pm : 4th of July party
  • July 6th - 12 National Fried Chicken party
  • July 7th - 2pm National strawberry sundae social
  • July 8th - 2pm National chocolate milk with almonds social
  • July 13-17 : SPIRIT WEEK JULY 13-17
  • July 17th - 2pm : National Peach Ice cream social
  • July 20th - 2pm : National lollipop day
  • June 2nd - 2:00pm : National Rocky Road Day, Rocky Road Social
  • June 4th - 2:00pm : National Frozen Yogurt Day, Sweet Frogs Trip
  • June 5th - 2:00pm : National Doughnut Day, Doughnut Social
  • June 11th - National Nursing Assistant Week
  • June 19th - 10:30am : Doughnuts for Dad
  • June 23rd - 2:00pm : National Pecan Day, Pecan Social
  • June 25th - 6:00pm : Lee Family Music
  • June 30th - 2:00pm : Corvettes 1953 Birthday, 2pm Surprise Visit
  • May 1st - 3:00pm : Coke Floats on front porch
  • May 5th - 2:00pm : Cinco de Mayo Social Nachos & Cheese
  • May 9th - 2:00pm : Mother’s Day Social
  • May 11th - 3:30pm : Resident Council Meeting
  • May 13th - 10:45am : Pink Hill Elementary Singing
  • May 19th - 2:00pm : New Resident Social
  • May 20th - 6:30pm : Bible Church of Christ Singing
  • May 22nd - 6:00pm : Country Gospel Singing
  • May 27th - 11:00am : "Bible Study with Melissa B.
  • May 28th - 6:00pm : Lee Family Music
  • February 3rd at 2pm the Cottage will be having a carrot cake social to celebrate national carrot cake day
  • February 4th we will be hosting a Virtual Dementia Tour at Kinston High school
  • The Cottage will be having a lunch outing every Friday
  • February 11th @ 2pm the Cottage will be having a peppermint patty social to celebrate national peppermint patty day
  • February 13th The Cottage will be having a Valentines lunch which will include steak, baked potato, salad, and cheese cake. Also, we will have a Valentines party at 2pm that day.
  • February 17th @ 2pm the Cottage will be having a Mardi Gras celebration
  • February 20th @ 2pm the Cottage will be having a cherry pie social to celebrate national cherry pie day.

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