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Because it's how you live that Matters

Activities for minds, body and spirit with an emphasis on wellness

Life at Spring Arbor is all about "how you live," enabling our residents to live life to the fullest. Evert day, our social calendar is filled with specially designed activities that encourage residents to socialize, rekindle old interests, develop new ones and be inspired by interacting with other residents, guest lecturers or performers and our dedicated staff. We also arrange outings to churches, synagogues, theaters, shopping trips, local restaurants and a variety of other social venues so our residents can maintain contact with family, friends and the community beyond Spring Arbor.

This innovative program puts a paintbrush in the hands of our residents. Through the creativity that is unlocked, our residents speak with incredible beauty and grace - proving that a picture is needed worth a thousand words. In fact, our talented residents have won national awards in competitions such as the Senior Living SMART Holiday Contest.

Fact - Music is one of the only activities that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain. This Program uses customized playlists and the energy of hand drums to complement lively group sessions to promote wellness, stress relief and pain management. Spring Arbor is also becoming a MUSIC & MEMORY Certified Care Facility. Musical favorites tap deep memories and can enable residents to stay present and reconnect with family and caregivers.

New Gardening Therapy helps improve lives of Memory Care residents

Our commitment to making every day special for our residents suffering from Alzheimers and dementia means we are constantly dicovering new ways to engage and stimulate our residents. Research proves access to the outdoors and physical activity can be extremely beneficial fo adults living with memory loss. Now, we are bringing gardening and the stimulating sensory opportunities that it creates to every Cottage courtyard.