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A Simple Game Sure To Get Everyone Laughing

- Thursday, June 24, 2010

The best gift is simply focused time of the entire family with your senior loved one.  Here's a game the young and old alike will love.  It's called…"What's in Grandma's Handbag".  Everyone sites in a circle or at a table.  The first person to begin (it can be anyone) says, "I looked in Grandma's handbag and I found…insert a word here…..(i.e. an apple).  Then next person says, "I looked in Grandma's handbag and found an apple and a cookie". And so on.  The point is to remember the entire list and then add your own item.  Each time a person forgets an item, the last person wins a prize (a snack, coins, whatever!).  Then the game starts over. 

You'll all die laughing at the things kids imagine within Grandma's handbag.