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Activities to Help Alzheimers Patients Cope

- Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. Unfortunately, it is presently incurable. With every stage issues crop up, and it is very challenging to care for someone with this disease as their condition deteriorates. However, there are some activities to keep Alzheimer patients engaged and to assist them in coping with this disorder. Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s need care, motivation, support, encouragement and patience. The following activities will help.

  • Puzzles and crosswords that are simple and easy will stimulate their brains and help slow down degeneration. These cognitive activities will help in reducing memory loss.
  • Crafts and activities with little complication like maintaining a photo album, sorting photographs, making collages, or writing small notes to relatives can be engaging for these patients. It is important that the task is well described, sequenced and easy to handle.
  • Reading a story aloud to them that has pictures will enable them to comprehend and answer relevant questions. This will also strengthen the bond between the caregiver and the patient. Alzheimer’s patients have a better chance of remembering information about the caregiver through activities they did together.
  • Household work should be encouraged. Alzheimer's sufferers should perform their daily chores. This will create lesser dependency and will assist them in remembering things better.
  • Gardening and keeping busy weeding, planting, and watering will enable them have a better approach to cope.