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Alzheimer's is Hard on the Extended Family too

- Friday, February 01, 2013

Alzheimer’s Disease takes its toll on family members, even those who are not caregivers. When loving relatives stop by, there are often surprised and concerned about their older loved ones. They often find themselves wondering what they can do and expect from their loved ones suffering from this disease.

We suggest you first get the most complete and thorough information on her current status that you can from their caregiver.

Many people with Alzheimer’s have periods during the day when they are more alert. Get as much information as you can about their particular habits and familiar foods. Eliminate any safety hazards in your home if they are coming to you, and understand that they may get get confused.

Instead of prompting them to try to remember people or stories they may not remember, try to stay in the Alzhiemer’s patient’s moment. You can leaf through a photo album, art book or a travel magazine and ask them to tell you a story about what she sees on the page. Ask open-ended questions: “What does that make you think of?” Listen to them, even if they doesn’t track well — and don’t push.

Listening to music with your loved one could be enjoyable for all of you. They may want to sing or recite portions of lyrics, nursery rhymes or stories from long ago.

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