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Assisted Living Benefits

- Monday, March 15, 2010

Some senior citizens are fortunate enough to have health and financial independence to live their lives in their own homes without much assistance from family members.  Then there are other seniors who eventually require 24 hour medical care and professional supervision.  A significant segment of the aging population, however, falls somewhere between these two scenarios.  They may require some assistance with activities of daily living, medications and transportation, but they can also maintain a fairly independent lifestyle. Spring Arbor Living's assisted living communities address the particular needs of these seniors.

Spring Arbor's assisted living bridges the gap between the constant nursing care provided in nursing homes and the unsupervised private home.  Some concerned family members cannot afford the monthly expenses of a nursing home facility, but they fear for their loved one's safety at home.  Our assisted living community is designed to provide private or semi-private apartments for residents in an environment that promotes independence, choice and dignity.

For many families, there are many benefits of assisted living.  Their loved ones are supervised by trained caregivers, and critical items such as medications and food are provided.  We also provide entertainment, social outings, transportation and assistance with personal care.  Relatives and friends are encouraged to visit as frequently as possible.  Nursing homes do a fine job in providing 24 hour medical care but if this isn’t needed, Spring Arbor Living's communities are the best choice for residential assisted living and dementia care.