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Assisted Living Communities can Benefit the Parent Child Relationship - Richmond, VA

- Monday, September 09, 2013

Grown children are often plagued with the decision of whether or not to place their parents in assisted living facilities. But, it is time to strop struggling with that decision. Senior living advisors, A Place for Mom, recently found the eight reasons why assisted living apartments might actually be "better than living at home when it comes to seniors' quality of life and overall wellness."

Seniors require more rigorous daily care as they get older. Often the amount of care is too much for a grown child to handle, especially if that child has a family of their own. Once a parent moves to assisted living, the parent child relationship may begin to flourish again without the child haveing the burden of care.  

While this is a huge benefit for assisted living, the following are more reasons you may want to consider assisted living for an aging parent.

  1. Residents will have regular access to physical fitness. The overall health of your loved one may suffer from the lack of cardiovascular activity. Many assisted living homes often fitness facilities with professionals who provide safe exercise plans.
  2. Assisted living residents have plenty of opportunities for social interaction and activities from card games and meals to hair salons and scheduled field trips. Additionally, there is a full time activities coordinator at Spring Arbor to create a variety of events and fill residents’ social calendar.
  3. Assisted living communities offer seniors educational seminars and opportunities to keep their brains active.
  4. Personal laundry, linen and housekeeping services make life easier for your loved ones living in assisted living residences.
  5. Varied menus designed by a Registered Dietician provide regular, nutritionally balanced and delicious home cooked meals.

Without the burden of worrying about all of the issues of caring for your parent(s) and knowing that they are safe and cared for can allow you to relax and can help the parent/child relationship, allowing you to enjoy the golden years of your parent’s life. For more information on assisted living and how it can help your aging parent, contact Spring Arbor.