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Assisted Living Communities have Many Benefits – Greensboro, NC

- Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Have you ever wondered what an assisted living community can really offer you or your loved ones and what benefits they may receive from their services?

One of the benefits is socializing and making new friends. Dining together at meals and being able to talk about the day’s events and upcoming community activities. In an assisted living community elders are able to go to each other’s rooms and visit with one another. They attend activities with each other and go on outings together. There have been many great friendships formed in these communities and the benefits that the elders receive are something that may affect them in a positive heart felt manner. Elders might meet in the library to catch up with each other; they may sit in the bistro and enjoy a cup of coffee together. All the while bonding and making great friendships.

Staying active is another benefit of assisted living homes. It’s easy when you live at home alone or with your spouse to fall into a routine that does not involve any exercise or activities to help stimulate your mind. When you think of activities in an assisted living community, it’s not just playing bingo. Most communities offer an exercise program, outings to the movies, a day out to lunch, picnics in the park and rides around the area. Some communities have tournaments with other communities, playing bean bag baseball, having pool tournaments and card games. The elderly never lose the competitive nature that we all have. Many offer monthly events that seniors can look forward to, with good food and drinks. You may be thinking that your mom or dad has never been social or interested in any of these activities, but they may surprise you and get involved in new adventures.

Nutritious meals are also another benefit of assisted living. Communities provide three nutritious meals a day and have snacks available throughout the day. The smell of fresh baked cookies always brings a group together.

Peace of mind and safety is a big concern for children that have parents still living alone. In assisted living residences, staff is available 24/7. Assisted living communities have call systems for the elders, they usually have a necklace-type call button and also emergency pull cords in their apartments. Routine checks by staff are also a great way to have peace of mind. Unfortunately, as we age the risk of receiving an injury due to a fall increases for all of us. In a community you have trained staff that knows how to handle an incident of this nature and knows the appropriate steps which need to be taken.

Another benefit of living in an assisted living community is the fact that housekeeping, laundry and transportation are provided. No more cleaning and chores to do. There are drivers that will transport to and from doctor’s appointments. This way there is no worry about mom or dad driving themselves.

Assistance with care is available 24/7 at assisted living communities. Trained medication technicians are available to assist with medications. Trained resident assistants are available to assist with any care needs such as dressing, showers and transfers and of course staff plays a big role in the needs of socializing. Staff enjoys hearing stories and life experiences from the elders and at the end of the day they go home with a rewarding feeling they did a great job that day assisting others and elders will ask when their special staff member will be returning so they can visit with them again.

There are so many ways assisted living can benefit yourself or a loved one and the most important benefit is still being as independent as possible. Assisted living communities encourage independence but yet are always available for whatever assistance may be needed.

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