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Can Assisted Living Help Your Loved one

- Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Most Frequently Asked Question is “Can you help my loved one?”

Your worry about caring for a senior loved one is our worry and our passion.  Every single day, we address the desperate calls from those who ask essentially the same question:  “My Mom is a frail senior and needs extensive assistance on a daily basis and I need to be assured you can handle it”.  Sadly, too high of a percentage of these calls are from those whose loved one is not receiving adequate care at their current accommodations.    

Our extensive experience in assisted living empowers us to answer the question with a simple and consistent “Yes we can”.   Spring Arbor Living’s service excellence is based on a business model that is centered upon a private company with a 20 year history operating as a regional provider which each individual locations being a part of the surrounding community.  This practice has kept our debt low, maximizes consistent reinvestment in facilities and staff, and empowers senior managerial oversight of each individual facility to be direct, early, and often.  Assisted living communities managed by impersonal conglomerates simply can’t do this.

This is yet another (even fundamental) element of the Spring Arbor Experience.  It is what separates us and our parent company (HHHunt, Inc.) from the huge conglomerate corporations that dominate the assisted living industry.