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Choosing Care for Elderly Parents is Very Stressful – Greensboro, NC

- Thursday, October 30, 2014

The most stressful thing you'll ever do? Choosing elderly parents' care givers. It's worse than divorce or moving home, poll finds:

  • Of 259 questioned, 84 percent said they worried about choosing care home
  • This beats buying a house in second and choosing a child's school in third
  • Many forced to sell their parents’ home to meet the high care home fees
  • Estimated 2.4 million Britons juggle responsibilities for parents and children
  • Financial burdens means fewer can use money for what they really want

Choosing care for elderly parents is one of the most stressful decisions we will ever make, a survey found.

It ranks higher than getting married, choosing a school or buying a house in terms of worry. Even getting divorced is rated less stressful, say members of the ‘sandwich generation’.

These are men and women who have to care for – or arrange the care of – their parents as well as their children.

Smaller families, longer life expectancy and late parenthood in life mean that the number of ‘sandwich carers’ is growing, with an estimated 2.4 million Britons juggling their responsibilities for both parents and children.

Some 84 percent of the 259 men and women questioned said deciding how to care for an elderly relative was very stressful or quite stressful – making it the top choice.

This decision could be about whether they are well enough to stay in their own home – or it could be about which care home will look after them best. Financial worries, fears over the standard of care and guilt about putting a relative into a home are all likely to contribute to the mental turmoil.

And many people are forced to sell their parents’ home to meet the high fees required to keep them in care.

Next most stressful was buying a house, with a score of 67 per cent, followed by choosing a school for a child. Child care took fourth place in the list of six, divorce was in fifth place and getting married was sixth.

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