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Dementia, Did you know?

- Thursday, February 04, 2010

Dementia may cause people to eat and drink less. They may not recognize that they are hungry or thirsty. In addition, some people with dementia can't smell and/or taste as well as they could before. In addition, they may also have trouble swallowing.

Nutrition Impact - Not eating enough or eating an unhealthy diet can worsen a resident's health.  Our high level goals for nutrition are as follows:

  • To provide systems/programs that detect and prevent malnutrition
  • We assure excellent nutrition through food selection, factoring in personal preferences and tastes
  • We make meal times pleasant and enjoyable
  • Snacks are provided throughout the day

We know good eating habits may help prevent complications, prolong independence, and improve quality of life. The key is the essential preventive systems we have in place that include: Effective interdisciplinary communication systems to share important information; effective weight-tracking systems to identify significant changes; and efficient methods of tracking food and fluid intake. Lastly, nutrition screening tools for early identification and intervention help to prevent problems and tailor interventions for each individual.