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Evidence of the Relationship Between Alzheimer's and Type II Diabetes is Growing

- Monday, November 14, 2011

There is growing evidence between type II diabetes and the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. The evidence is even more pronounced now after a Japanese study. People with Diabetes are more than 35% more likely to develop Alzheimer's and those with the most severe diabetes have triple that risk.

There are some proteins that are controlled by insulin that also control the buildup of the material in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that insulin delivered directly to the brain with a special device through inhalation may treat Alzheimer’s, but it will take years for large studies to prove if this is an effective treatment. Type II diabetes affects millions of Americans.

Diet and Exercise are still the best answer at this point to preventing Type II diabetes, which directly relates to Alzheimer’s disease. The hope is that the link between diabetes and Alzheimer's will persuade Americans who were considering lifestyle changes to make those changes. Subscribe to the Spring Arbor Living Blog for regular information on Alzheimer's Disease, Treatment and Alzheimer's Care.

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