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Finding Assisted Living Facilities for Your Loved One – Richmond, VA

- Friday, September 12, 2014

Qualifying for assisted living can be grueling. There are also the psychological challenges such as accepting that it’s time for a loved one to be placed.

Putting a loved one in assisted living can bring about feelings of guilt. If you’re prepared, it’s a lot less painful and there’s a lot less guilt.

It is important that you know your loved one’s personality when you are considering assisted living residences.

What type of person are they? Are they very active and social and would like a lot of people around and activities? Or are they very quiet?

Selecting place that matches their lifestyle goes a long way to maintaining their health and quality of life.

When looking for the right assisted living facility, it is recommended that you go to the facility or home unannounced. If you’re serious and like the home then make an appointment to get the proper information after.

Use your instincts when it comes to picking a home for your loved one. Also use the Area Agency on Aging for a great resource in helping finding facilities with the level of care desired. They will have a variety of information on topics such as elder rights, counseling, family caregivers and benefits assistance.

However, finding the right home is not the only obstacle.

The average price of assisted living has skyrocketed, and Social Security checks are covering less and less. According to the Social Security Administration the average beneficiary for Social Security receives $1,294 monthly. Veterans also need to investigate benefits of the VA system. If you have your discharge papers, VA will pay for some day center care.

Some families forget to look to see if their loved one has long-term care insurance, which can offset some of the costs. When trying to determine all potential resources time can become an issue when applying, particularly in emergency situations.

It is highly recommended that families plan ahead. For more information on assisted living facilities, contact Spring Arbor.