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Fitness for Seniors

- Monday, January 03, 2011
Fitness for Seniors

None of us should overlook the importance of fitness for seniors. Regular physical activity and exercise are important to the mental and physical health of everyone including seniors. Moderate exercise programs can bring about long term benefits to a seniors life and can even improve the health of seniors who are already experiencing disease and disability. Exercise will improve your loved one’s long term physical health as well as their mental health.

As we get older we lose the ability to do things on our own. Most of us think this is just a product of getting older; however, for the most part, it is a product of doing less as we age. It is very important for seniors to stay active. When seniors are inactive this can often increases their use in medications and just like the rest of us, they are twice as likely to develop heart disease.

There are many kinds of activities that are appropriate for seniors and most seniors have the materials needed for an exercise routine. Seniors need to focus on endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Small walks up and down the hallway, using a half filled bottle of water as a weight, and practicing sitting and standing from a chair are all small activities that seniors can perform.