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Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Living

- Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some people are a bit reluctant to move their family into an assisted living facility, or even move themselves. What they don’t realize is that these facilities are very helpful and provide a lot of care and assistance to elderly individuals. We have come across a couple of frequently asked questions about assisted living and decided to answer them here. Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions or if these questions are not helpful to you.

Are background checks done on all employees?
It is important to ask if all employees are required to complete a background check. Some states mandate that all employees have a background screening completed.

Can I be in control of my own medications or any other over-the- counter medications while staying at an assisted living facility?
If your doctor states you are capable of monitoring your medication independently and the facility staff is aware of this request, this should not be a problem.

Should I consider getting rental insurance to cover my possessions while living at an assisted living facility?
It may be wise to consider rental insurance to cover possessions at an Assisted Living Facility as the facility’s insurance will not cover your personal possessions if a natural disaster occurs or if theft is involved.

How is personal mail delivered in an assisted living facility?

Mail service varies depending upon the facility.

Why do I need to give copies of legal documents to the assisted living facility I am considering?
If legal documents are misplaced in case of a decline of health or emergency, these important documents need to be readily available. Also by disclosing to the staff of a facility or community the name of a health care surrogate, this individual will be the only individual beside the resident as to which confidential information will be discussed.

We hope that these frequently asked questions were helpful to you in some way, and as we stated above is you feel as though your question wasn’t answered contact us today and we will be happy to help.