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High Tech Accessory: Electronic Tracking and Medical Record Bracelets

- Friday, September 17, 2010

High Tech Accessory: Electronic Tracking and Medical Record Bracelets

Medical alert bracelets have been around for years.  However, technology and entrepreneurial opportunists now team to offer a higher level of protection to those with complex medical conditions.  Let us introduce you to the concept of electronic medical bracelets proven to save lives. 

You have read the stories about dementia patients wandering away from their care facilities with the consequences ranging from being a non-health issue to death by exposure.  (Editor's Note: We are writing this blog on behalf of the non-Spring Arbor Living general public.  Spring Arbor Living employs multiple procedural fail-safes that protect our 100% resident accountability record.) Those inflected with any number of debilitating diseases (Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, hypo allergies, etc) depend on some form of technology to communicate to first responders when their condition renders them unable to communicate.  The traditional “Medical Alert” bracelets are themselves a life saving device, however, they communicate precious little specific information.  Electronic medical alert bracelets change that. 

These devices enable first responders determine a patients' complete medical history. The bracelets send responders to data files, secure websites, toll free numbers, or even to live chat with medical professionals. This enables the care providers to obtain all the past medical conditions or any prescriptions they are currently taking. This also helps medics proceed with caution.

The emergency bracelets available today are very different from the ones previously utilized.   They not only have bracelets, but they also have necklaces or even a flash drive that can be stylishly hidden (but obvious to a first-responder) in a charm worn around the neck. First-responders access the flash drive on scene and gain immediate access to critical medical information.  The flash drive is the best option as it provides comprehensive medical information. The only “problem” is that without password protection, the information is vulnerable, so patients and caregivers must conduct a cost-benefit analysis for using such technology.  

Again, this blog post is for the non-Spring Arbor general public because patient accountability and ready access to medical information is a foundational and unblemished patient care service provided at each and every Spring Arbor Living facility location.