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How to Start the Conversation About Senior Care With Parents - Greensboro, NC

- Monday, December 14, 2015

How to Start the Conversation About Senior Care

If you've noticed the warning signs, the time to start talking with senior parents is sooner rather than later, when a crisis has occurred. But how do you bring up sensitive subjects related to aging, such as the need for assisted living care? Here are some conversation starters that might help overcome the awkwardness.

Approach your parents with a conversation. Discuss what you've observed and ask your parents what they think is going on. If your parents acknowledge the situation, ask what they think would be good solutions. If your parents don't recognize a problem, use concrete examples to support your case.

Remember you are talking to an adult, not a child. Patronizing speech or baby talk will put older adults on the defensive and convey a lack of respect for them. Put yourself in your parents' shoes and think of how you would want to be addressed in the situation.

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