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Is Assisted Living for You? Richmond, VA

- Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Assisted living was developed as a housing option for seniors, to provide a retirement lifestyle that supports and promotes an individual's quality of life, right to privacy, dignity, and independence. Personalized services are emphasized to meet the particular needs and lifestyle choices of each resident in a warm, secure, home-like environment.

Tasks such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and maintenance are provided, plus as-needed assistance with daily personal routines. This allows more time for a person to enjoy the social and recreational activities available at the residence and family outings. The isolation and boredom often experienced by an older adult living alone is replaced with a caring staff, a safe, pleasant environment, and if desired, new friends. In addition, licensed nurses in the building or on call 24 hour per day, provides peace of mind for the resident and their loved ones.

Activities and transportation are scheduled for shopping trips and special activities. Although nursing and physician services are available at the residence, transportation for medical appointments may also be arranged.

Assisted living residences have a variety of apartment styles, the majority being studio apartments, with a 30-day notice usually required if a resident wishes to relocate. Short-term or trial stays are also available and helpful to those who need time to recover after a hospital stay or require care while their caregiver is on vacation or unavailable.

Most assisted living residences have an area within the residence dedicated to the treatment of Alzheimer's and other memory related impairments. In addition to the cost of basic room and board, additional fees are determined after personal assessments are conducted. Consultations with physicians, nursing staff and family members help determine if personal care or medication management is needed.

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