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Managing the Holidays with Aging Relatives - Greensboro, NC

- Monday, December 22, 2014

Here are some tips for managing a holiday visit with aging relatives:

  • Don’t ignore signs, but don’t jump the gun either. There could be a medical reason for a cognitive decline, including depression, skipped prescriptions or even dehydration. Seek medical care before taking drastic steps.
  • Engage your parents. No independent adult wants to be bossed around by their children, no matter how well-meaning. Work together on solutions, listen, and give your parents a say in their own life.
  • Make simple adjustments. Put an extra handrail on stairs and add grab bars in the shower. Put levered handles on doors, or make sure often-needed food items or toiletries are on lower shelves. Remove small rugs from the kitchen or bathroom or other obstacles in the home that might lead to a fall.
  • Consider the caregivers. If nearby siblings are taking on more duties, don’t judge their approach. Recognize they are juggling obligations and find ways to support them.
  • Plan ahead. Don’t bring up emotional issues at the dinner table. Plan a family meeting or conversation at a quieter time, when everyone can be focused and be heard. And define a single purpose — helping your parent remain independent as long as possible or planning for a move.
  • Turn to experts. State and local communities have ample experience and resources for family members. You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

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