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Match Your Home to Your Lifestyle as You Age – Richmond, VA

- Monday, December 28, 2015

The importance of modifying your home so that you can easily get around as you get older — and to make those modifications long before the need arises cannot be stressed enough. This applies to those who plan on living in their current home as long as possible. Another option includes moving to a home that is safer, easier and more convenient.

Nationwide, senior housing is being designed to be smaller and maintenance-free. The homes are accessible inside and out, and have very few stairs or none at all. Often, these housing developments are close to shopping and transportation routes, walkable community spaces, recreation, cultural venues and places of worship.

As more baby boomers move closer toward retirement, they are likely to see more communities that are specifically designed for active seniors who want all of the benefits of having their own home but who don’t want to be tied down with home maintenance. For them, less is more, which in this case means fewer things to take care of and more time to do things they really enjoy. Residents of active retirement communities are making the conscious decision to have more time do what they love to do.

Many find as they grow older that they value their time above other things that. Having time means being able to enjoy family, friends and neighbors, taking time for oneself, reading a good book and taking time out to hike in the woods. With this perspective, one can appreciate why these communities are attractive to many.

If you think that one of these new assisted living communities may be right for you, take some time to plan your to move, identify your priorities and decide how you want to spend your most important commodity — your time — before you decide where to live.

The options available are numerous and varied, and include options from communities with smaller single-family units that may require some maintenance to turnkey condominiums with fully independent living. There are also independent-living apartments, where your food and services are available to you within one facility. And, of course, there’s assisted living, where a variety of medical assistance is available if needed.

Many of these communities also provide options for us as we age, with levels of care plans.

Make the most of your retirement years by doing some research, developing a plan that meets your needs now and into the future, and then pursuing it.

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