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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Those with Dementia

- Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring Arbor, Richmond, VAMother’s Day is here. For those whose have mothers with Dementia or who have moms living in a memory care home, it may be challenging to think of gift ideas. Below are a few suggestions of great gifts for people living with dementia:

  • An Ipod filled with all her favorite music along with comfortable headphones
  • Framed family pictures
  • Scrapbooks of your Mom’s life, work, and awards
  • Photo albums of fun family pictures
  • Taped readings or poetry
  • Scented lotions and a back rub
  • A favorite dessert baked just for her
  • A drive around town
  • New pillow, sheets or comforter
  • Soft lap blanket or throw
  • Large print books
  • Soft fuzzy slippers or cozy pajamas
  • A leisurely stroll through a favorite place, some place of meaning from her past
  • A Memory Box filled with mementos of interest to her
  • Jigsaw puzzle with less pieces and larger pieces
  • Window garden
  • Video of a family gathering

And remember, the love and support you give your Mom throughout the year is the greatest gift.