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Moving Into the Next Stage of Living – Greensboro, NC

- Monday, September 21, 2015

Knowing when it’s time to move yourself or a loved one to a smaller or more accessible home, or even an assisted living center, can be tough. There are some signs that can help aid you in identifying when the time is right.

Age, health and your living situation can be signals that it’s time to look for other living arrangements. For example, if your parents are over 70 years old and their house is more than 20 years old, there’s a good chance they struggle every day just to maintain their home.

If you or a family member end up needing to sell your house quickly and get into a more suitable living situation, here are a few steps to help with transitioning:

  • Determine How Much Space You Truly Need: Maybe that two-story, four-bedroom home with a spacious backyard you bought when the kids were little is more than you need now. Smaller homes and apartments are easier to maintain, and taking into account your lifestyle can help determine what to look for in your next home.
  • If you’re home a majority of the day or expect to have gatherings and guests often, you may want something a bit bigger. If your health is a concern or you’d rather not have to worry about tasks such as yard work or snow removal, something smaller or without stairs – such as a first floor apartment, may be more your speed.
  • Sell Your Current Home: Working with professional home buyers can get you cash quickly while also taking care of closing costs and needed repairs without the burden of showing your home to potential buyers. This would save time and money for the seller, and help one move sooner than later into their new living environment.

Take It or Leave It: Taking inventory of everything that’s been accumulated over decades and deciding what to keep, what to pass down, what to put in storage and what to sell, donate or throw away can be tough. You might want to request the aid of transitions or resettling experts.

For more help in figuring out the steps for transitioning yourself or your parents into assisted living, contact Spring Arbor.

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