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My 82-Year Old Dad, Fireworks, and the NFL Combine

- Thursday, July 01, 2010

I’m getting prepared for the annual argument with my 82-year old Dad.  Once again he’ll make a play to be the one to light the “monster” roman candle while celebrating this 4th of July. I honestly believe he pictures himself at the NFL combine, running “the 40” for time, in a tee-shirt that identifies his playing position…..”GGP”…..Great Grandpa.  He’ll admit (once again) that although he’s “lost a step”, he’s still  “faster than me running from a Waiter with the dinner bill”.  

Once again I’ll shame him about wanting to “steal a thrill from one of the older kids”.  He’ll mumble under his breath, clearly communicating to me…..”KILL JOY”!.  And I’ll laugh…..even louder than last year….…….