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Nighttime Tips for People with Alzheimer's

- Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alzheimer’s symptoms grow worse as time progresses, the disease may have unpredictable changes; making it an extremely difficult task to care of a person with Alzheimer’s disease. For both the person with Alzheimers and the caregiver, arranging basic activities of daily living can be difficult. Eating, talking, sleeping, and finding things to do: all these things become difficult as the disease becomes more severe.  There are many ways to help manage these difficulties.

Nighttime can seem like a blessing for some, but for those with Alzheimers it can be difficult. Most people with Alzheimer have become restless and irritable around this time. Putting the person to bed may require some advance planning.

Limit daytime napping and encourage exercise during the day, but still allow for a sufficient amount of rest during the day. Try to schedule more physical activities such as bathing earlier in the day. And in the evening set a peaceful, quiet tone to encourage sleep. Make certain that the lights are dim and the noise is down to a minimum. In some cases playing soothing music may help, but only if the person enjoys it. Try to keep the person’s bedtime routine. NO caffeine late in the day.  If the person gets frightened or disoriented use night lights around the halls and bathroom. Spring Arbor knows that caring for a person with Alzheimer's takes time and patience which is why if you know someone with Alzheimer's and have any questions or wish you explore our communities, please contact us today.