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Only 5 Percent of Military Veterans Apply and Receive Maximum Financial Benefits

- Friday, September 03, 2010

This blog post is a call to action for all military veterans (and their care givers) to schedule an appointment with their local Veteran's Administration (VA) representative.  It is estimated that only 5% of American military veterans are exercising their full VA benefits.  

We can only assume that this means that certainly some of the Spring Arbor Living's armed forces veteran residents (and the families) are not receiving their full financial support. The numbers are staggering as it is estimated that only 105,000 (of 2.3 million) veterans are exercising maximum benefits.  Within those numbers are those who, if the Veteran or family only applied, will qualify for up to $2,000 or more per month!

Some people aren’t finding out about the benefits they could be getting until they just happen to talk to someone else who knows about the benefits. It is the intent of this blog post to be "another one of those people you are talking too".  Tragic stories abound regarding families inquiring about VA death benefits only to discover that they failed to lay claim to eligible financial benefits for decades.  So the bottom line advice is this. If you or your loved one was honorably discharged from the United States Armed Services, you owe it to yourself to contact an area representative of the Veteran's Administration and discuss you current assisted living situation or your future assisted living plans.

We advised that you take a moment to research the Veterans Administration's website and familiarize yourself with their programs.  Of course you can contact any of our Spring Arbor Assisted Living & Alzheimer's Care locations in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and/or Tennessee for help.  We can help arm you with targeted questions.  Make sure you have social security numbers of those involved including dates of when the veteran was in the service. We also recommend getting a binder and notebook specifically for the veterans benefits. Keep everything together and organized.  You will find the VA to be a federal agency whose representatives tend to be passionate about their service offerings.  So please give them a call and take action to verify that our country is returning the maximum benefits allowable to the Spring Arbor Living American heroes who selflessly served their country.