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Other Questions to Ask When Looking for Assisted Living – Richmond, VA

- Thursday, June 19, 2014

It is not always easy to begin the search for an assisted living home when a loved one is in need. Often the search becomes emotional, and the family can become overwhelmed. There are several resources available that can help. There are also many questions you need to ask. But, while you are searching for an assisted living residence, here are two more less common questions that need to be asked:

Where can I find tips for selecting an assisted living center?

The National Center for Assisted Living ( and the National Long Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center ( offer guides and checklists for consumers.

Should I rule out an assisted living center if it has had a recent violation?

Violations vary in severity and risk, so that should be taken into account. A citation for leaving lids off garbage cans, for instance, may not be as much of a concern as one for having disconnected security alarms at a facility that houses residents with memory disorders. Ask the facility, as well as state regulators, about the details of a violation and how it was fixed.

You should also consider whether the facility has corrected problems. If it has had violations in past years, but has now fixed the problems, and has remained free of deficiencies, this is a signal of a commitment to improve.

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