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Parent is Resistant to Moving to Assisted Living: What to Do – Greensboro, NC

- Wednesday, April 09, 2014

It can be very difficult when a parent needs to move to an assisted living home but they refuse to leave their home. There are no magic strategies or tricks for persuading an elderly parent to move, but adult children should ask their parent to "indulge" them by visiting an assisted living facility.

"Most of us are more likely to change our position and lifestyle if such a transformation is of our own choosing," writes Jacobs in his book, The Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers. "Placed under duress to change, we typically resist, regardless of the soundness of the other person's arguments."

And when a parent continually refuses to entertain the idea of moving? "The child needs to back off for the time being." But don't give up, seek other openings to raise the issue again.

Unfortunately, sometimes things have to get worse to get better. It may take something drastic for the realization to dawn on them that they can no longer safely reside in the home. Even then, it may take the strong urgings of health care providers and extended family members for the parent to accept the inevitable.

If the parent begins to show signs of warming up to the topic, "the child needs to emphasize the parent's right of self-determination but also urge action." Let your parent know that you can't make decisions about how you should run your life. But that it would make you feel better if you could go together to look at some possible assisted living facilities so that you're better informed about what choices are available.

If there is a willingness on the parent's part to visit an assisted living facility, you should proceed post-haste to set up visits at local care homes.

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