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Picking the Right Retirement Community

- Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Spring Arbor, SC, NC, VA, TNChoosing the right retirement community can be daunting. Luckily, there are many options for seniors. When analyzing those options, it is important to consider one’s activity level, degree of independence, health care requirements and finances to be sure to find the right fit.

Over-55 retirement communities are perfect for the transitional period when you no longer want to be responsible for the upkeep of home and property, but still capable of living (and thriving) independently. These communities often provide exterior home maintenance, lawn care and snow removal, as well as social activities for older adults.

There are many 55-plus communities available to those with lower incomes. Many seniors and veterans rent affordable, high-quality senior housing through U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-sponsored senior housing programs. This housing also is available to younger disabled individuals.


When seniors require more help with dressing, bathing or eating, but do not require full-time nursing care, assisted living is an option. Later, nursing homes provide continuing nursing and health-related services to residents.

It is a common misconception that Medicare will pay for assisted living or nursing home care. In fact, Medicare only covers 90 days in a nursing home – for rehabilitative services.

AARP reports that while “more states are starting to cover some services under Medicaid or other government programs, public payment is not common in the assisted living industry. … About four out of five people pay for [this type of facility] out of pocket.”


Finally, continuing care retirement communities offer the full spectrum of care (tiered care) to residents: independent living, assisted living, memory support and health care. Sometimes that monthly fee increases as needs increase. The fact is, some residents will require more time and attention than others. It is better to address those needs individually rather than increase service fees for everyone.

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