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Safe Exercises for Seniors – Richmond, VA

- Friday, April 03, 2015

Today, many seniors live a very healthy lifestyle as they age. As a senior, there are great, safe ways to get in your aerobic exercise. A good place to start is with a walking program. You can purchase a pedometer at any sporting goods store. Attach it to your waist and find out how many steps you take each day. Start by seeing how many steps you take in a regular day. Gradually add more steps to your daily activity. Easy ways to increase your steps include:

  • parking further away from building doors
  • taking the stairs instead of elevators
  • walking up escalators

As you increase your daily steps, work toward a goal of 10,000 to 15,000 steps per day. This means you will most likely need to plan time daily to walk. Walking a half mile every other day is a good start. Once this becomes easier, try walking every day. As you increase the distance you walk, only increase it by a half mile at a time, no more. This will help prevent overuse syndromes or other injuries.

Wear good shoes for your walks and make sure they fit comfortably. If you wear an orthotic (arch support), make sure it fits properly. Replace your shoes every six to nine months, or about every 250 miles. A great way to have fun while walking is to find a partner to walk with.

Fitness classes are a great way to add variety to your fitness program. Try yoga, tai chi, low impact aerobics, dancing, or cycling.

Most health clubs will have a pool available for swimming and water exercise. Water exercise is another great way to start an exercise program, especially if you are overweight, have joint pain or if you are just getting back into exercise. The water allows you to exercise with less weight and stress on your joints.

Healthy aging may allow you to live in your home longer. However, when it is time to take a look at assisted living homes, contact Spring Arbor.