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Some People Think that Assisted Living Communities Are Too Expensive

- Friday, March 04, 2011

This is actually not true. For today’s seniors, moving to an assisted living community is one way they can make the most of their retirement income now. There are many economic benefits of living in senior communities.  These range from free local transportation – which eliminates or minimizes costs for fuel, maintenance/repairs and auto insurance – to eliminating expenses associated with maintaining a single-family residence.

Assisted Living communities
eliminate such expenses as routine maintenance, lawn care, pest control, snow removal and more. Homeowner’s insurance, always an expensive companion to home ownership, can also be removed from the monthly budget. This represents a huge savings in Virgina, for example, where property insurance has increased dramatically.

Our assisted living communities provide residents with fixed monthly costs, which cover local transportation; rental or purchase of an apartment, villa home, or cottage; and two or three meals prepared daily by professional chefs. Contact us today to learn more about our residencies or if you have any questions regarding assisted living.