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Spotlight On An Important Spring Arbor Living Amenity: Whirlpool Baths

- Thursday, October 07, 2010

The medical community and your friends at Spring Arbor Living share many things in common. Take for instance the realization of the therapeutic value of whirlpool baths. 

A whirlpool is a large bathtub with underwater jets. Whirlpools are common across Spring Arbor Living locations to include our most recent opening, Spring Arbor Living of Winchester Virginia.  The jets provide a hydro massage that utilizes the dynamic and thermal action of the water.   There are two different ways that a session in our whirlpool benefits the body. Through the warm temperature of the water and the pressure of the water on the body, a higher oxygenation, or infusion of oxygen, occurs in the skin. Muscular relaxation also occurs, and a reduction of the tissue directly below the skin is also apparent. These therapeutic methods of success are also used for treating and re-establishing the muscular and joint injuries. 

Our whirlpool bath amenity also has the added benefit of physical and psychic relaxation. They produce endorphins in the brain, making a person feel a sense of wellness.
Doctors almost universally agree that a therapy whirlpool bath is key to keeping the body healthy. It is a way to prevent a lot of diseases, significantly increase the blood circulation and further activates veins and arteries. Here are a few facts about the whirlpool therapy amenity that we offer:

  • Helps one sleep better: Insomnia can cause depression, memory lapses and the inability to concentrate and pay attention. By bathing in a whirlpool, it will help alleviate tension and relax your body, making your body ready for a deep relaxing night of sleep
  • Reduces Stress: It is one of the main methods of alleviating tension and stress. A bath in a whirlpool relaxes your muscles, reduces anxiety and stimulates endorphin production. So our dear friends at Spring Arbor of the Outer Banks must now decide on the beach or the bath to help reduce stress.  OK, go ahead an do both.  
  • Helps control diabetes: Scientific research has shown that patients with Type 2 Diabetes that use a whirlpool for 30 minutes per day, six days a week, reduced the level of sugar in their blood by 13%. After three weeks of the whirlpool treatment, they were able to lower their insulin dose by 18
  • Minimizes pain in the muscles and joints: Using a whirlpool before or after doing physical activities help the veins dilate and keeps the blood flowing better. The muscles and joints will be relaxed and less painful.
  • Helps lose weight and reduce cellulite: Research has proven that the whirlpool, when used daily, reduces the swelling and retention of liquids, promoting weight loss. Also, with regular use, the whirlpool helps diminish cellulite by relaxing the muscles, dilating the veins and improving the circulation stimulating the blood cells.
The availability of whirlpool baths are just one of special amenities offered to our residents. Of course this service is not limited to our newest facilities like Winchester and the coming Alzheimer's Cottage of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The service is widely available across all our Spring Arbor Living locations.