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Spring Arbor Is Dedicated To Resident Happiness With A Full List Of Activities

- Thursday, December 23, 2010

Being in an assisted living facility can have many benfits. We cater to all of our residents needs and special needs requested by their families. In addition to being there and helping out as much as we can, we also offer fun activities and amenities that our residents can enjoy.

Some of the activities that you can expect from spring arbor would surprise you. Our staff is dedicated to enabling a high quality of life for residents at Spring Arbor and The Oaks, including a range of activities to exercise both the mind and the body. From cooking lessons with the house Chef to gardening classes to discussions of current events, residents are encouraged to rekindle old interests or develop new ones.

Maintaining contact with the community is an important component of life at Spring Arbor and The Oaks. To that end, we arrange outings to churches, synagogues, parks, theaters, shopping trips, local restaurants, and numerous other social venues. We understand that our residents have diverse backgrounds, different hobbies and varying levels of physical ability and fitness. The professionals here have incorporated a broad range of activities into the social calendar, striving to include residents in our vibrant social calendar.

Typical activities in a day might start with morning exercises and then some card playing. Other days they might go out to the local stores to get a shake or go out to a movie with a small group. Usually once a week there is transportation provided to go shopping to WalMart or Target (depending on residents’ choice). In the afternoon there is typically entertainment from someone playing the piano, singing, or playing some other instrument. Cooking demonstrations get out a very good portion of the residents where they can try great recipes and mingle with their friends of the community. Please don't hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to answer any questions and help you in any way possible.