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Spring Arbor's Assisted Living Staff Take Pride In Our Philosophy

- Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our assisted living facilities have a wide range of staffing philosophies. The staff is determined by the makeup and size of the facility. Some of our assisted living community are connected to, or shares a campus with, a skilled nursing facility, and then those staff resources may be integrated and shared between both types of housing options. While other facilities are very small and may employ only a few people who perform a multitude of tasks. Smaller doesn’t necessarily mean of poorer quality, as a smaller facility may contract the necessary health care services if they do not provide them directly.

Each resident has different needs and will require different levels of care. For those seniors in good health that do not require much, if any, medical assistance, there might not be a need to have a skilled nurse available at the facility. For others, having accessible physical therapy might be a requirement. Since assisted living homes come in all shapes and sizes, the patient’s level of care should help determine the staffing that is required at the assisted living facility they choose.

As mentioned, listing the specific types of staff is almost impossible due to the wide range of sizes of licensed assisted living facilities. However, some general titles of staff that you might find at our assited living communities.

•   Administrator – the director of the facility
•   Medical Director – in charge of the overall healthcare strategy
•   Director of Nursing – responsible for overseeing all nursing activities
•   Admissions Coordinator – responsible for resident admissions
•   Housekeeping Coordinator – responsible for all housekeeping activities
•   Dining Coordinator – responsible for all dining activities
•   Nursing Staff – may include registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, clinical nursing assistants and personal care technicians
•   Housekeeping Staff
•   Custodial Staff
•   Dining Staff
•   Administrative Staff
•   Volunteers

Our assisted living facilities in all of our locations hire a professional and courteous staff and we make sure that we take special care in each of our patient’s needs. Contact us today for more information should you have any questions about our amenities or community.