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Tips for Applying for the Aid and Attendance VA Long Term CareBenefit

- Friday, July 17, 2015

Here’s some advice to those who want to receive this Aid and Attendance VA pension supplement for long term care:

You may be denied the Aid and Attendance benefit if your assets are too large. The VA doesn’t have a hard and fast rule on how much assets you can have. It's generally not more than $80,000, depending on your age. (That doesn’t include your home.)

Get help from an elder law attorney to apply. The rules and paperwork can be a bear, so a pro who’s familiar with them can make the process more tolerable. The lawyer may also be able to assist you in preserving assets and get the benefit. A lot of middle-class folks can really benefit from this sort of planning.

Be prepared to document your long-term care expenses and provide all the application materials. You must show the VA your ongoing prescription and in-home or assisted living expenses every month. And if you had a previous marriage, you must show the VA your divorce decree.

Be patient. It could take nine months before a client saw the money. Lately, it’s been more like four months.

You can learn more about the Aid and Attendance program at the VA’s website.

For more information on this benefit or assisted living, contact Spring Arbor.