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Tips for Caring for Those with Alzheimer's – Greensboro, NC

- Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Spring Arbor, Memory Care HomeAlzheimer's and other forms of dementia can be scary for the patient and for the person caring for their loved one. Experts weigh in on how to make sure a dementia patient is getting the care they need.

Forgetting how to perform everyday tasks is the life of someone suffering from Alzheimer's. Caring for someone with memory loss can be challenging, but Courtney Finigan with the Alzheimer's Association says it's important to have patience and keep things familiar.

A routine is very important, keeping patients with Alzheimer's disease in a routine so every day kind of looks the same and also keeping them in surroundings that are familiar in them.

Working hard to keep things familiar isn't always enough and sometimes taking care of a person with Alzheimer's can be a lot to handle and you may need professional help.

A memory care facility can be an alternative. These types of communities are often designed to look like home, keeping the residents' needs in mind.

Alzheimer's can impact the way patients communicate making simple tasks difficult.

Is someone refusing a shower in the morning because throughout their whole life they took showers in the evening, and they don't know how to verbalize that? So they kind of lash out.

Patience however, is key. Whether you're caring for them yourself or transitioning into a facility, the most important thing is the safety of the person suffering from Alzheimer's.

If you have questions about a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's, or need support or advice you contact Spring Arbor.