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Tips for Decorating An Assisted Living Home - Richmond, VA

- Monday, May 15, 2017

Spring Arbor, Richmond, VAWhen moving into assisted living you cannot overlook decorating your parents’ new home. Rather, use this opportunity to get their new lifestyle off to a great start.

Remember throughout this process that, “less is more.”

For most families, there will be downsizing, and often a major one if someone is moving from a much larger home where they raised a family.

Consider that the action – excellent amenities, dining and countless life-enriching opportunities – is one of the primary reasons why seniors are able to enjoy a happy retirement by being active outside of the home. The fortunate thing for the residents at a community is that everything is readily available within walking distance from their front door.

Think of it as, less indoors in your home, more to do outside of it.

Decorating is still important though and some careful thought and consideration should be put into it.

The assisted living apartments have ADA-compliant bathrooms and kitchenettes, and that it’s important to keep plenty of room in the apartment to move around and avoid falls.

The bedroom should be simple. The bed should be the ideal size and easy to get in and out of daily. Add a nightstand with a lamp, phone and a clock with illumination.

The living room is where most seniors spend most of their time when they’re not out and about so make this as comfortable as possible. Lift chairs are a great option. You may also consider a small desk for storing papers, bills, etc., as well as to place a laptop, pad or other electronic devices, if they have them.

While you may have a lifetime of photos and mementos, your home isn’t a museum. Carefully choose some of your favorite photos and decorate the walls.

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