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Tips for Downsizing Your Home – Greensboro, NC

- Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Are you starting to think that maybe you’ve got more house than you can handle?

People downsize for a variety of reasons: to cut their mortgage payments or maybe just cut down on hassle.

One out of ten home sellers in 2014 said their houses were too big. The percentage is even higher among senior citizens.

Seniors often tour downsizing options like assisted living communities and retirement communities. For seniors, these apartments can offer some of the same advantages.

  • There’s not so much house to take care of.
  • There are not as many responsibilities with the yard and home maintenance.
  • And they have much more time to enjoy their activities.

But downsizing means parting with personal items, and that can be difficult.

People live with their memories, and the older they are, the more precious those memories become. People need to remember that their memories are in their minds and in their hearts. They don’t live in the boxes full of paper and photographs that they might be saving in the basement.

If you’re moving to a smaller space, you need to be creative. For example, choose ottomans with hidden storage compartments.

The biggest thing to consider is to really try to downsize before you move. That way you’re not so overwhelmed on the back end of the move, where you have to go through things that simply you don’t have the space for or just won’t work in your new home.

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