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Walking Is A Good Exercise And Has Great Benefits For Elderly

- Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's best to start doing easy exercises without putting any undue strain on your body. Starting exercises with great intensity can put excessive pressure on your muscles and ligaments with a chance of strain. Among the simple exercises, walking is the best and most suitable for all categories of older people. You can start walking at a comfortable pace for a short distance. After few days, increase the length of your walk and your intensity to brisk walking. There are similar exercises also, which can help maintain your overall health. For the elderly, the benefits of exercise include lower incidence of depression, reduced chance of dying prematurely, increased alertness, improvements in blood pressure and other cardiovascular benefits, and reduced risk of diabetes. Seniors who exercise regularly typically remain independent for a longer period of time.

An ideal session should start with a warm up session of five minutes. Slow walking and stretching prove to be good warm-up exercises. Thereafter, exercise briskly for a good thirty minutes. Finish off with a cooling session of five to ten minutes. It is best to exercise on all days of the week. If possible and your health permitting, you could do strength training or resistance exercises twice each week. Strength training has been shown to keep the bones strong, besides of course, the muscles. However, not everyone can do these, for each individual is different. Make sure you speak to your physician before doing any new exercise.