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Want To Feel Revitalized? Try Going To A Salon

- Friday, September 10, 2010

Have you considered visiting a local salon? Of course we are neither partnered nor in the business of promoting any particular salon.  What we want to do is share with all of our Spring Arbor Living blog readers that frequenting salons has great social and self-esteem benefits.  We also included some ideas and tips for those who might think that salons are an unaffordable luxury.

One obvious reason that a trip to the salon is beneficial is that it is a great social opportunity. Entering new environments and creating new friendships in an around our Spring Arbor Living communities is an indisputable healthy act. The salon is a very interactive environment. Establishing a regular hairstylist creates a new social relationship. Your hairstylist will get to know you and over time become skilled at modifying your style and thus giving you exciting new looks.
A new hairstyle or salon service will simply make you look nice and you will feel younger.  If you are concerned about costs, check out different salons in any Spring Arbor Living location that may have some promotions or coupons available. You can also talk to your stylist about setting up a frequent visitor plan. Group rates are sometimes available so talk to your friends and make it a fun, monthly outing!

Do not forget that salons do more than cut hair.  They can offer waxing, tanning, massages, and other beauty and health-related services. Shampoos can be a great way to revitalize your hair, and skin treatments can help your skin stay healthier and younger looking. Eyebrow waxing is a cheap way to change your look too. Did you know that there have been advances in hair coloring that eliminate (or partially eliminate per your desire) gray and white hairs without damaging sensitive skin?

Ask any of our Spring Arbor Assisted Living Facility staff members what they think about this subject. Most will agree that if you want to feel healthy and revitalized, getting your hair cut at a salon is one way to do it. Treat yourself to a nice relaxing shampoo and a manicure while you are there. You will walk out feeling like a million bucks.