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Warning Signs Of Alzheimer's Are Not to Be Confused with Simply Forgetting Something

- Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Have you ever walked into a room and then forgotten what you wanted once you got there? Have you ever put an item in a “safe place” and then forgot where it was when you needed it? Do you think sometimes that you are going “crazy” because you forget people’s names? Or maybe you forgot to do something you said you were going to do?

Sometimes we are having a “senior moment” as they say; but that’s just what it is–a moment. Usually the name is just on the tip of your tongue and you remember it when you can take the time to think. Or the reason for walking into the other room becomes clear when you slow down and let your thought catch up with you.  These are ”normal” occurrences usually due to stress, being too busy, not feeling well, or simply not paying attention.

However, when you misplace something and you have a problem retracing your steps to find it, this might be a warning sign.  If you are making a familiar recipe and forget how much salt to use, this could be normal.  But if you are confused about whether to use a measuring spoon or a measuring cup for the salt, this could be a warning sign.  If you drive to the mall and forget where you parked the car, this is typical of someone not paying attention or making a mental note of where they parked.  But, if you forget where you are and how you got there, this is a warning sign.

There are several warning signs to watch for in detecting early stage Alzheimer’s.  No one sign is an indication of having a problem in and of itself. Keeping track of abnormal behavior will give your physician details to help diagnose the problem, and only a qualified professional can make a diagnosis after appropriate testing. For more information on the warning signs, contact us today and we'll be happy to assist you in any way we can.