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Ways to Celebrate Father's Day When Dad Has Dementia

- Friday, May 31, 2019
Spring Arbor, Greensboro, NC

When your father is living with dementia, you often struggled with how to approach Father’s Day. Even though they often don't know what day it is, it's important to to celebrate and honor a father.

Here are some ideas:

Reminiscing over Favorite Foods

Arranged to eat in the care community’s private dining area and bring in a meal featuring your father's current favorites and some gems from the past. As you eat, talk about meals past. Inspired by the familiar tastes, smells and textures

Naming His Tunes

Seniors often liked to dance with their spouses. Print out song lyrics and sing some of their old standards.

Scrapbooking Life Stories

Created a story scrapbook that incorporates highlights and photos from your father's life, along with a meaningful storyline that captures the essence of his life story. Read from the book, using the stories as conversational catalysts. You will all enjoy remembering all his adventures and your many shared experiences.

Celebrating Special Qualities and Life Lessons

Sit together and talk about some of your father's many stellar qualities.

Just being together is wonderful. And taking time to really celebrate your father with a tender mixture of food, photos, stories, and affirmations will be pure magic.

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