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When it is Time to Choose an Alzheimers Care Facility

- Friday, November 04, 2011

Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementing disease afflicting the elderly. There are approximately 4 million people suffering from this disease. The millions of people who suffer from this disease must be cared for either at home or in a care facility.

Caring for an Alzheimer's patient at home

About two thirds of those suffering from this disease are cared for at home by family, usually a spouse. As the disease progresses it carries with it a huge burden both physically and psychologically on the care givers. It is vital that the care giver access support systems that can provide reassurance, support groups, literature and strategies for coping with someone who has the disease.
Too often the strain becomes too much for a spouse trying to cope all alone with an Alzheimer's sufferer and they themselves have a physical or mental breakdown.

Choosing the right type of care facility

As the burden of care increases many families seek care for their family member outside the home. Finding the right Alzheimer’s care facility can be a difficult process encompassing many concerns.

Understanding the level and type of care facility where your family member is most appropriately cared for is critical. Choosing Assisted Living communities with levels of care is important. Too often families will place an Alzheimer sufferer at the wrong level, either in a facility that offers more assistance than the family member needs or worse making the family member cope with living in a facility that doesn't have the necessary support services required to meet their needs.

Contact Spring Arbor in your area. We understand the needs of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease we can match their needs with our custom care plans.