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When to Move an Alzheimer's Patient

- Friday, October 28, 2011

Alzhiemer’s caregivers will almost always  be faced with the realization that they can no longer care for their loved one  in their home. The challenge is knowing when and how to make that transition to an assisted living community, and how to prepare for it.

Circumstances change almost daily for the Alzheimer's patient, their families and their caregivers. Planning ahead is very difficult.

There is no way to predict the progression of this disease. Each individual is different, different symptoms, different behaviors, and different time lapses between each.

Not all Alzheimer’s patients become violent, but some do. And taking care of a violent patient is not a matter of endurance and stamina. It’s safety. A loved one needs to be moved to an assisted living facility if they are violent. For the security of all, patient and caregiver alike, an Alzheimer’s patient who becomes violent must be moved to a more secure assisted living community, a setting that is safe and comfortable.

The patient has no idea what they’re doing. They would be devastated if they understood the danger they had become to family and caregivers. An Alzheimer's care facility should be considered under these circumstances.

Later in the stages of Alzheimer’s they may need more medical treatment than the caregiver is able to provide.

Many Alzheimer’s patients need protection. An assisted living community can keep patients safe in a well protected area and beautiful environment that provides activities for Alzheimer's patients that keep them healthy and happy longer.