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Assisted Living for Aging in Place – Richmond, VA

- Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Assisted living allows people with dementia to "age in place" as their disease worsens and their need for care increases. Residents in these residences do not need to be moved to nursing homes, hospitals, or hospice facilities unless they require constant medical supervision or their behavior presents a danger to self or others.

Here are some things to think about when considering assisted living placements for loved ones. Should you want to place your loved one in an ALR that allows "aging in place," find out who pays for that extra care. Does the ALR have sufficiently trained staff to provide aging in place, or are you responsible for hiring PDAs? If you must pay for PDAs, find out for how many hours you may need to hire such aides, find out that cost and, if you have long term health care insurance, find out if PDA costs are covered expenses. If you will be responsible for paying PDA costs directly, that may affect your choice of ALR, or may cause you to select a nursing home instead of an ALR when it comes time for any placement outside of the home.

If an assisted living home that allows for aging in place has an additional cost which will allow a loved one to continue enjoy participating in daily activities in an ALR social-like environment ... as opposed to a loved one having a very limited daily activity schedule in the hospital-like environment of a nursing home ... then all is well. But caregivers without the ability to pay should know the ALR policy in advance.

For more information on assisted living for aging in place, contact Spring Arbor in Richmond, VA.