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Choosing an Assisted Living Community in Richmond, VA

- Thursday, March 21, 2019
Spring Arbor, Richmond, VA

Families have plenty of questions when it comes to planning the care for their older relatives. Additionally, as news of problematic senior care increases, it is perceived as an even more daunting task. It is important that you know how to choose the right assisted living community in Richmond, VA for your loved one. On the top of the list of priorities should be ensuring that the Senior Living home you are considering is licensed and that the employees are properly trained.

Directors of reputable senior care homes will always say that, when choosing a senior care facility, there is one thing that should be checked out before anything else. You do not want to put a parent or loved one in an assisted living facility that is not licensed. Unfortunately, those are becoming more and more common.

Other than ensuring that the assisted living facility is licensed, a family member should stop by the home at regular intervals to see the level of care that is provided before you make your decision. But stopping by regularly is not enough. Loved ones should stop by at different times of day, and during meals just to look around.

Additionally, loved ones should find out what types and levels of training caregivers have received. In particular, Alzheimer’s care and other forms of dementia care require very specific training. Spring Arbor and The Oaks are assisted living residences. We feel that one of the most important things to consider when choosing an assisted living residence is the quality of people who will serve you.

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