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Gift Ideas for People with Dementia and Memory Loss

- Monday, December 10, 2018

Spring Arbor - VAYou did not mention gifts, but here are a few suggestions of great gifts for people living with dementia that you can pass along to family and friends:

  • An Ipod filled with all her favorite music and a set of comfortable headphones
  • Framed enlargements of old family pictures
  • Scrapbooks of your Mom’s life, work and awards
  • Photo albums of fun family activities
  • Taped religious readings, sermons or poetry
  • Scented lotions with a promise of a back rub
  • A music box
  • A favorite dessert baked just for her
  • Promise to take her to visit her house of worship
  • A drive to see the holiday lights at night
  • New pillow, sheets or comforter
  • Soft lap blanket or throw
  • Large print books
  • Soft fuzzy nightwear or slippers
  • A leisurely stroll through a favorite place, mall, park, or some place of meaning from her past, if possible
  • A holiday decoration for her door
  • A Memory Box filled with mementos of interest to her
  • Large piece, fewer pieces, adult jigsaw puzzles
  • Easy-to-fasten clothing
  • Window garden for her to work on in the winter months
  • Video of family

And remember, Santa, during this season and throughout the year, the love and support you give your loved one throughout the year is the greatest gift.

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